4 Types of Pearls to Choose Classic Jewelry

4 Types of Pearls to Choose Classic Jewelry

If you are planning to buy a pearl ring, take your time here to familiarize yourself with pearl rings. They are one of the precious organic gemstones in the world and can go great with any outfits. If you are a pearl lover, then you need to know these 4 types of pearls to choose your next pearl jewelry. They are classic, elegant and sophisticated. No matter what kind of style statement you want, pearls will never go out of trend. Here are 4 unique and exquisite pearls we sorted for you to guide you buy a piece of classic jewelry.

  1. The Akoya Pearls (Classic Pearl)

The Akoya is the Japanese Pearl and is best known for its round shape and sharp reflective luster. They are naturally colored and are available in silver-blue, gold and white.  Their size ranges from 4 to 10mm. White Colored is one of the most popular and classic among all. If you are looking for a classic strand, then Akoya is the best option for you. If you are planning to buy Akoya pearl jewelry, then you can get impressive collection under pearlsonly.co.uk.

  1. The Freshwater Pearls (Fashion-Forward Pearls)

If you are looking for an affordable pearl, then freshwater pearl is a good option for you. They are best known for their pastel body colors and baroque shapes.  They have soft luster as compared to Akoya pearls. They have a size ranging from 5mm to 12mm and are available in a wide range of colors. They are unique and fashion forward and most affordable one.

  1. South Sea Pearls (Rolls Royce of Pearls)

The South Sea Pearls are Australian pearls grown in Philippines and Indonesia. They are available in white and gold color and are highly classic and precious pearls.  Because of their perfect round shape and tremendous size, they are quite rare and valuable. Their size ranges from 8mm to 18mm and is largest pearls used in jewelry.

  1. Tahitian Pearls (The Dark, Exotic Pearl)

Tahitian Pearls are the only naturally dark pearls and are grown in French Polynesia.  They are available in a rainbow of exotic colors and have different shapes like drop, ovals, baroque and highly-sought. Their size ranges from 8 mm to 15mm regardless of shape.

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