6 Ways the Right Leather Jacket Can Add an Oomph Factor to Your Outfit

6 Ways the Right Leather Jacket Can Add an Oomph Factor to Your Outfit

There are two kinds of fashion trends: one that is a timeless classic and one that becomes outdated in the next season. The best part about the former is that certain timeless pieces can enhance any dull, boring, and even outdated outfits. The leather jacket is definitely one of those classic items that never lose their edge and appeal.

Many people think that a leather jacket is just for the Orange County chopper boys. They can’t be more wrong! That is just their lack of creativity or limited fashion sense speaking.

There are hundreds of ways you can use a leather jacket to give your outfit a new look, a new life. So, today we are here to share six of the many ways you can use a leather jacket to add an oomph factor to your outfit.

Let’s get started with our top favorite way to rock a leather jacket.

1.  The Classic Street Chic Look

The 80s and 90s were the eras of leather. While many even wore leather pants but none of that trend stuck like a leather jacket with ripped blue jeans. That is the classic street chic look that never looks old. One thing that does change is the style and fit of jeans. While the 90s were all about loose and straight cut boyfriend jeans, you can add a modern touch with a skinny fit ripped jeans. Throw in a pair of suede boots to the mix,and you have an outfit that truly reflects your fierce and fearless personality.

While a tee would definitely look appropriate inside the jacket, you can modernize this classy choice with a long and baggy woven top and a complementary scarf.

2.  A Throwback to the Timeless 70s

Before there was the classic street chic, there were the macho biker boys. Remember Grease? Just like the movie, those biker jackets never get old. What we truly love about a classic biker jacket is that you don’t need anything fancy to pull off that look. Get your regular pair of jeans and a tight-fitted tee. Sounds simple? Now, put that jacket on,and nothing remains dull or boring.

You can wear your biker jacket over any casual wear that seems too plain. You don’t even need boots. Converse or plain white snickers are the best footwear to complete the look.

3.  Attitude Adjustment for Your Work Attire

Leather doesn’t sound very work appropriate, does it? A classic biker or street style jacket may not be adequate for the workplace but thanks to many trendy brands, we now have hundreds of styles to choose from. An elegant blazer style leather jacket is a wonderful example. It can amplify the appeal of your most boring work outfit.

You can think of a color other than black. Tan leather blazers or colors such as blue or brown are great options. You put wear it on top of a pencil skirt and a silk blouse. Men can also wear suede leather jackets with button up shirts and dress pants.

Professional a leather blazer gives a very intimidating vibe. You look confident and creative. So, it works great if you have to give a presentation or attend a business meeting.

4.  Break the Black and White Monotony

Every man and woman should have at least one custom leather jacket. A perfectly tailored custom jacket looks extremely stylish on an outfit of your choosing and can go with most of your clothes, if chosen correctly. It can be a jumpsuit, jeans, and a tee shirt, a skirt, shorts, or a pretty dress and the custom leather jacket will go perfectly with them. Accentuate the look with a bright and bold leather jacket to make it stand out. You will be surprised by the amount of difference a little bit of color can add to an attire

5.  Add an Edge to Your Perfect Date Dress

Everyone has at least one cute dress saved for a perfect date. After a few first dates, you get tired of that dress,but you can’t think of anything else. Now, that is where you can oomph it up with a leather jacket. Think of a stylish leather jacket with a belt. That is what we are talking about!

Now, if the dress is floral or has any other cute print on it, a black leather jacket would look stunning. However, for a dress that is plain, such as your little black dress, try adding some pizazz with a colored leather jacket instead. Think of bold colors as they highlight the bold and beautiful side of your personality.

If you feel like throwing in a pair of leather boots to the mix, it will look even better. You can opt for jackets with faux fur collar to retain the feminine edge of the look.

6.  Revive Your Old Evening Gown

We have seen enough Oscars to know that evening gown can easily seem too simple or boring. If you have an upcoming event where you want to make a style statement with something that is formal yet daring, that’s your chance to glam up the gown with a stylish leather jacket.

Yes, we have seen many celebrities trying this trick,and it works. Uma Thurman did it, Elisabeth Moss did it, even Emma Watson did it – it doesn’t get any classier than this. It sends out a message that you are just as tough as you are sophisticated.

Jackets with faux fur on the collar are great for this look.


The leather jacket is no longer a sign of rebellion; it is a symbol of strength, power, and confident. Its appeal is no longer confined in the streets, you can rock it at work, on a date, or at a wedding. A fine leather jacket can look pretty, professional, and even glamorous when paired with the right attire and accessories. Find the right leather jacket and take that oomph factor to the next level.

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