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All about the Long Wear Water Lip Stain

You can get long wear water lip stain online when you visit the Clarins site. This is a water-based stain that can guarantee you a long-wearing formula minus the usual flaking and dryness. When you get long wear water lip stain online, youcan give your lips a plush and comforting feel through a dose of hydration. This Clarins water-based lip stain is formulated with organic aloe vera extract, raspberry water, and also an anti-pollution complex that will nourish, protect, and moisturize anyone’s delicate lips. You can choose from the four yummy shades within this range. Its lightweight liquid texture may dry down to a comfortable matte finish that feels like there is nothing on your lips.

Once you get long wear water lip stain online, there are several ways for you to use them. These are some of the best ways to do so:

You can go solo with it. A single stroke of this lip stain will give you a pretty and barely-there color for your lips. If you want to create a statement lip, you can layer a few coats to intensify. It’s best for those who are flirting with the thought of a bold lip.

You can customize to come up with your own shade. This can be done by mixing two shades together. You can also try a different shade for the top and the bottom lip for you to have a two-tone lip. You can even have a K-Pop vibe through an ombre pout. You may also layer one on top of the other to come up with your very own hue.

You may also swap the lipliner with the Clarins water lip stain. This has a comforting formula which allows you to use it as a smooth base. The color payoff will be able to give your lips some tint even if the lipstick has been gone for a long time. You can also use the Clarins water lip stain on the cheeks to give you a beautiful just-left-spin-class shade on your cheeks. You have to use your light hand and dot the brush gently on the apples of your cheeks then you can tap your fingers for them to blend well. This can liven up your complexion without any issues.

If you want lip stains to stay long, there are some tips that you have to remember:

You have to exfoliate and moisturize.

Lip stains are really thin; it will be easy for you to see the imperfections of your lips. This means that the dry and flaky areas of your lips will be very visible. You need to moisturize your lips often and don’t forget to use a natural product with less fragrance, so it won’t dry out too fast.

You may need a lip liner.

The color from a lip stain lasts but it’s not easy to apply at times. This is especially true when it soaks on the doe foot applicator. That’s why you need a lip liner that is exactly the same shade as the lip stain or something lighter.