The toughest part for a woman is to choose WHAT TO WEAR when she is being invited to attend an event, be it a wedding, or a bridal shower, a birthday/anniversary dinner or even her child’s graduation ceremony/. The first thing that pops up in her mind like a bubble <ting-ting> is “do I have appropriate clothes to wear to so and so’s baby shower?”

Moreover, there are several confusions that circle around their minds: what color will suit my complexion, which style will flaunt my body, what will be more appropriate for an outdoor wedding reception, fret about how a plus size mother of the bride dresses. Don’t worry; we have covered some of the most common questions which all women in the world want answers to. Have a look!

Why all women find it hard to get an appropriate dress for a special occasion like a wedding?

It is all in the head. One of the biggest obstacle women come across while shopping for special occasions is their perception about their own body. They are not sure about their bodies, rather uncomfortable in wearing something that reveals their figure. This in return gives them a hard time to choose this or to choose that.

Being an old mother of the bride, how can she look glamorous?

Dressing up must not be linked with the age; it all lies in your personality rather than being “age appropriate”. No matter how the mother of the bride dresses, her attire should be able to reflect her vigor and spirit rather than her birth year. She can adorn a super sexy and enchanting silhouette, with sheer sleeves to cover arms and elbows- she does not need to look shabby in order to cover her up.

How can an outfit be worn for both the morning and evening events?

Keeping the cut and style of the outfit in mind, it can be paired with a jacket or a cape to go with it. While if you wish to wear it for a day time event, there is a possibility to get the sleeves off the jacket or skip wearing the cape altogether.

Styles that flatter every body type?

For women who think they need to hide a lump here and a bump there, ruching and pleating are your best friends, the extra fabric makes it appear flowy which does not let the focus be on one point of the body. Whereas, an in built corsetry gives you a nipped-in waist. Skirts that are fuller at the bottom produce an illusion of an hour glass shape.

Colors to sport like a pro this winter season?

This goes without saying that if you are going for black then no one can stop you from looking a knockout straight away. If not, then wear a metallic shade like platinum, bronze, gold or silver. Typically beaded with sequins or crystal embellishments will give a chic and glamorous couture finish.

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