Why Organic Perfume is a Better Choice

The more you are dependent on chemicals, the more it becomes bad for your health and skin. That is why; most people rely on organic products these days. From food items to skin care; everything is available in organic form at present.

One can also go for organic solid perfumes. Here are some specific reasons that why one should do that.

If one uses natural essential oil made perfumes instead of some synthetics then it can create a smell which can help in healing; both physical and mental. It helps one to soothe down and it also results in calming, relaxing, energy enhancing and mood lifting.

They all have natural smells. They might not smell really strong because they do not have any chemical smells. Yes, one might find regular perfumes super strong and good smell because in most of then what the manufacturers’ uses are synthetic ingredients. Those synthetic ingredients are cheaper and easily available and it is easy to use them than that of using natural ingredients. But those who make good quality organic perfumes try to put essential oils in them which are pure and natural extracts of fruits, flowers and spices. They smell very clean and pure.

Synthetic smells are mostly derived from the petrochemicals which can cause some major health issues like nausea, migraines and lung irritation. Also, the mass produced chemical perfumes have phthalates and musk which can be harmful for human skins as well. But the organic perfumes have only essential oils and the smell that is derived is also from those essential oils only. They can give a mesmerizing effect.

Most of the chemical perfumes have parabens as their main ingredient. And they are said to be very cost effective. But there have been many scientific researches which say that parabens can be a major cause of breast cancer. So this is very risky for women to use these chemical perfumes. On the other hand, the natural perfumes have organic extracts which has nothing to do with any kind of chemicals.

Natural oils are good for skin and so perfumes made from natural or essential oils can blend to any skin type. So there is no particular need to be choosy when one is picking up a natural perfume. This is because most of them will suit their skin and will be good to them unless one is allergic to a particular fragrance.

Most of the florescent organic perfumes are never tested on animals and so no poor animals have to suffer due to these luxury items. Also these perfumes are made from pure and essential oils and they are totally natural. Do you get a sneezing fit often? May be it happens whenever you spray your favourite fragrance. They can not only give you some sneezing spree but the harmful chemicals present in them can also give one some severe headache.

One can buy organic solid perfumes from organic skin care stores and use them or they can also try and make them at home.

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